Our Story

From the Earth to Your Home

What started as a rockhounding hobby in 1995 quickly evolved into a mining business and ongoing adventure. We are collectors at heart, and we are passionate when it comes to helping others develop their own collections. Our yearly rock and fossil inventory averages a hundred-and-fifty tons, and is always evolving and changing. With over sixty active mining sites, we spend a great deal of time in the wild and remote backcountry of the southwest. Our main focus is in our home state of Utah, but we also work on various dig sites in Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon and Colorado.

Meet Our Founder

An original resident of Wisconsin, Scott arrived in Utah in 1994, courtesy of the US Air Force. He promptly fell in love with the rugged wilderness and wide open spaces, especially after finding his first Topaz crystal. That discovery changed everything. Even while on deployment to the Middle East, he spent what little spare time he had hunting wind-polished crystals in the Arabian desert. Back in the American southwest, the hobby continued to grow. Rockhounding eventually became mining, with a rapid increase in tools, equipment, education, claims, and an ever-growing mountain of rocks and fossils. Road trips became all-out expeditions that often lasted a week or more, and many wonderful discoveries were made over the years. Some specimens, as well as archeological findings that were once kept in his personal collection are now on display in Utah museums. He continues to mine and explore the deserts and mountains, always chasing the next adventure while communing with nature.

Recent Digs

Our newest mine in the Drum Mountains!