Collection: Cosmos Agate

If you are looking for variety, this amazing agate is for you! The deposit where this is mined in southern Utah produces the most bewildering array of colors and patterns. No two pieces are the same. The colors range from blues, reds, yellows, gray, black, orange, white, violet, and others, in just about every hue and variation. The colors can be solid, blotchy, striped, spotted, or checkered. Some pieces are translucent, and include a multitude of features, like colorful moss, plumes, web-like dendrites, and spots. The more Cosmos Agate we mine, the more impressed we are with the riot of color combinations. Cutting cabochons from this material would be an adventure of discovery, and polished pieces in your collection will certainly be eye-catching. As the name implies, staring into some of these pieces is like looking into the cosmos.  This stuff is fun!