Collection: Pigeon Blood Agate

Pigeon Blood Agate is just one of those stones that is unforgettable, and easily a favorite in our Salt Lake City rock shop. These pieces are mined in the extreme badlands of Emery County, Utah, in a place that looks more like Mars than just about anywhere else on Earth. Most pieces are red-colored overall, with varying degrees of translucency. The features that really set this agate apart from all the others, are the vivid blood-red spatters and dots and streaks that can be seen upon and within each piece. Some pieces are white or nearly clear, with the red dots inside. Some folks prefer these pieces, but they are far less common. It is easy to see how this agate got its name, since the color and pattern really does resemble blood in many cases. We are careful to mine only pieces that exhibit the blood-drops, so each piece will produce a fine specimen, or killer jewelry, no pun intended.